50 Shades of…

50 Shades of Grey. LDN Treasure Chest

I’ve recently joined the 50 Shades bandwagon and despite all the negative criticism towards the books, i’ve surprisingly enjoyed the read so far. I got through the first book from the trilogy within days during my recent holiday to Dubai and was eager to begin the second of the set. Half way through and the second is already a lot better and addictive than the first. Look around, I can pretty much guarantee you will not be the only girl reading this on the tube. The numerous sex scenes have become repetitive now and I tend to skim these parts but I have to admit, the character Christian Grey has left me and i’m sure I can speak for many other girls out there, mesmerised. With many rumours flying around about the upcoming film and the potential cast, I for one cannot wait for the film to be released! I have a few favourites but I’m rooting for; Ed Westwick for Christian Grey and Blake Lively for Kate Kavanagh, I can’t decide on who for Ana. (Evidently a Gossip Girl fan here!) Who do you want to play Christian and Ana? Agreed, it’s not the best written book but, if you fancy a light hearted read, something for the sunbed or a relaxing past time, this book is a winner.

50 Shades of Grey Book. LDN Treasure Chest

50 Shades Darker. LDN Treasure Chest


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