And I’m back…

Hey readers, im sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. Life has been a little crazy recently but it seems to be slowing down and settling as I’ve landed a fab new job which I begin in a few weeks. I’m going to add a few outfit of the day posts and hopefully get back onto the blogging as soon as.

In the mean time, have you been watching x factor? The country’s most popular show began last week and I love it already. I still do of course miss Simon Cowell (major man crush) but should really get over that. One thing on everyone’s well tongue, that Zoe contestant who to say the least threw a tantrum – an understatement due to her unsuccessful audition. To be honest, we do not really know what the panel at the pre judges audition may have said to her but as far as we’re concerned, she chose to sing Pink and simply blew it (no pun intended). It is safe to say, well that’s your career gone down the drain love. Well done.

My personal favourite was Jahmene Douglas. Anyone who can sing the way he did and is as cute as that wins my brownie points. Adorable, it’s as simple as that. I do hope however that The X Factor gives us less of the persons life story and more of their audition and if theyre not good, just dont bother. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to all the antics lined up for us today!


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